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Real Events- Graduation

Corsages and Button Holes

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Corsages for Graduation 

Graduation is a once in a lifetime moment for you and we can't wait to finish your outfit and this memory off with a beautiful corsage. 

At Moranbah Blooms we work with you to create a beautiful corsage that matches with your beautiful outfit. 

How to Order

We recommend coming in store to our Town Square store and chatting to us about what you are looking for. When you come in it is best to have some inspiration photos and the colour of your dress so we can work with you to come up with the best options. 

If you are really unsure we also have a book of great corsages to help show you what options are available for you. 

If you have a partner for graduation we work to bring both the corsage and the buttonhole together so they are a matching set and again with with you on the colours and styles that will best suit. 

Prices start from $45 for a wrist corsage and $15 for a button corsage. 

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