Our Footprint

we dispose of our waste thoughtfully and carefully

We believe that it’s our responsibility to reduce the amount of waste that we create every day. We choose to seperate our green waste where possible, soft plastics, cardboard and general recycling – minimising what goes to landfill. Any flowers that don’t make it into a bouquet are sent to our provider to be turned into a range of composted products or dried as part of our everlasting range. 

we only buy what we need and what you want, reducing waste

We work with Brisbane based suppliers to ensure that we are only buying what we need, reducing our need for waste from the very beginning. We try and buy from local Qld based growers where possible – reducing emissions and supporting our Australian farms and use the best options of freight solutions for the delivery of our products. 

we choose to use eco-friendly packaging

We do our best to use recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging where possible. Where possible we design our flowers to be sustainable through the use of recyclable glass vases and natural twine. The cellophane we use where possible is made from BOPP cello which can be recycled with your soft plastics. Our bouquets are tied off using a natural twine and we only use cardboard boxes and paper bags to package other items for delivery.

what are we working on next?

We’re always looking for ways that we can help our planet be here for many generations to come and and further build on our journey to be greener. This is our first steps in becoming carbon neutral and we are learning and developing our approach as we go and it makes us pretty happy to know we are doing our bit where we can. If this is your passion as well and you have any ideas that we can learn from please reach out to us.